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Would you like to make a positive contribution to society? Or are you looking for a suitable opportunity to get involved or are you searching for a cooperation partner?

The volunteer database offers you information on non-profit organizations and voluntary needs in your region.

Regional search engines for voluntary work

In the individual search engines, you can select activities from hundreds of offers for engagement. You can search directly for volunteering in your area by entering your postcode and also to search specifically for volunteering that appeals to you and meets your own expectations and needs by entering additional criteria such as target groups, requirements, areas of activity, etc.

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Below you will find exciting initiatives and projects in which you can get involved

student initiatives - voluntary work at the University of Bonn: https://www.econ.uni-bonn.de/de/studium/karriere/studentischeinitiativen7.


Avatar Reinicke

Derek Reinicke

Koordinatorin Service Learning

Quantiusstraße 4

53113 Bonn

+49 228 73 4064

Avatar Pilger

Jessica Pilger

Student Assistant

Quantiusstraße 4

53113 Bonn

+ 49 228 73 4949

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