The Future Challenge

The Future Challenge - Working together for more sustainability in daily life

The Future Challenge is a project developed by students at the University of Bonn in cooperation with the Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V. (Science Shop Bonn) as part of the teaching and learning project Learning for the Future. The resulting seminar will be offered for the first time in the summer semester of 2024. The aim is to raise awareness of climate change and motivate participants to learn sustainable practices and skills and integrate them into their everyday lives.

Registration and schedule

Dates: 04th of May 2024 to 15th of June 2024

04th of May 2024

10:00 am to 06:00 pm

15th of June 2024

10:00 am to 06:00 pm

How to register: 

Registrations via BASIS or by e-mail to: Pia Dilchert: (

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The Challenges

This involves the use of self-developed challenges aimed at conscious compensation in everyday life. The content of the challenges is based on the three thematic blocks of the seminar: Motivation, Climate Communication and Empowerment, and are designed to help participants take action and acquire skills. This could be, for example, launching an initiative to promote greater sustainability in their own city, or communicating with climate-critical people in their personal environment and making their own changes towards greater sustainability in everyday life. The implementation of the challenges will be supported and there will be plenty of space for participants to exchange ideas and support each other.



Kick-off event of the seminar.

Regular singular event.

Closing event of the seminar.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the seminar, students will be confronted with everyday sustainability challenges and will work together to develop solutions and competences. The seminar should provide students with an open space for reflection where they can discuss problems, develop solutions and support each other. In addition, the students' intrinsic motivation for more sustainability should be encouraged, reflected upon and translated into action/activities (commitment to sustainability and training of sustainability multipliers). Pupils should be encouraged to develop and implement a major climate challenge together. In addition, they should use methods and approaches in the seminar that focus on learning from each other (peer-to-peer).

During the seminar, participants will be introduced to a variety of teaching and learning methods, such as (external) lectures and discussions, cooperative learning methods with group work, reflection tasks and networking opportunities, with a particular focus on peer-to-peer exchange. The seminar days are designed as full-day blocks (4-6 hours) and take place over several months. In addition to the face-to-face sessions, flexible consultation days will be offered and the challenges and project ideas will be developed and implemented in self-learning phases. Successful participation (i.e. active participation in the face-to-face sessions and submission of a portfolio) can be credited with 6 CP.

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The cooperation partner: Wissenschaftsladen Bonn

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The Wissenschaftsladen Bonn (Science Shop Bonn) sees itself as a future-shaping and pioneering force that has been tackling civil society challenges on an equal footing and hand in hand for almost 40 years in order to shape a more sustainable world together.

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