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In this project seminar, students have the opportunity to develop a concept for two selected areas in Bonn. The aim of the project is to design the areas in a way that increases biodiversity and promotes climate adaptation. Participants from different faculties come together to build a bridge between science and civil society, between the climate needs and wishes of local residents and different generations. The project is led by the Vice Rector for Sustainability Prof. Dr Annette Scheersoi.

The Vice-Rectorate is cooperating with the Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V. (Science Shop Bonn e.V., contact: Brigitte Peter) and the City of Bonn. More precisely the Office for the Environment and Urban Greenery. In addition, the project seminar will be accompanied by committed scientists from the University of Bonn.

Registration and schedule

Dates: 14th of April 2024 to 14th of July 2024

Kick-off event

Friday, 14.04.2024
02:30 pm  - 03:30 pm

Closing event

Friday, 14.07.2024
02:00 pm - 05:00 pm

How to register:

Please send your registrations by 05.04.2024 via mail to Pia von Falkenhausen ( and Dr. Stefan Plasa (


Kick-off event at the Haus der Bildung (House of Education).

Regular seminar date.

Regular seminar date.

Regular seminar date.

Closing event of the project seminar at the Haus der Bildung (House of Education). During the event the students will give their final presentations.

During the seminar, the basics of site design will be developed in theory, especially with regard to biodiversity and climate resilience (as well as taking into account other aspects such as quality of stay, social/economic/legal issues). The two areas and their specific framework conditions will be explored on site. A participatory process will be developed, which includes the procedure, process, methods (e.g. design thinking, creative techniques, target group selection, communication) design thinking, creative techniques, target group selection, communication).A participatory process was developed, including the procedure, process, methods (e.g. design thinking, creative techniques), target group selection, communication. A planting and maintenance programme adapted to the specific conditions and requirements of the two areas was developed. Conflicts of use were identified and further proposals for solutions were developed. The results were discussed with users and residents, scientists and the city administration and presented to the public.

The Dog Meadow in the Bonn Rheinaue

Impressions of the final presentation (summer semester 2023)

The Dog Meadow in the Bonn Rheinaue

Rheinaue Leasure Park
Kolumbusring 17
53175 Bonn

Students in both groups explored the possibilities of participatory design of (urban) green spaces to increase their biodiversity and climate resilience, while meeting the diverse interests of users. As a result, discussions were held with scientists and the users of the areas were also effectively involved in the planning process through surveys and feedback discussions.

The Dune in Bonn-Tannenbusch

Impressions of the final presentation (summer semester 2023)

The Dune in Bonn-Tannenbusch

Nature Conservation Area in Bonn-Tannenbusch
An Der Düne
53119 Bonn

Together with the Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V. (Science Shop Bonn e.V., WILA Bonn), the students have laid with their results a successful foundation for the multi-year collaboration.

At last years closing event the cooperation partners came together to discuss the presentations in an open forum and find further solutions together.

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The practical, participatory, transdisciplinary development of a concept for sustainable urban design in Bonn by students from different disciplines.

Academic achievement for students of the Faculty of Humanities: Presentation with written elaboration (ungraded.

For B.Sc. Geography students: This project seminar can be credited with 3 CP in the free elective area if the examination is passed. In this case, the written work (see transcript of records) will be graded.

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